Gift from a Niece

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Adviser Lepi would like you to deliver the Goblin Shaman’s Mysterious Powder to her uncle, Lunatic Sorcerer Ur. You can find him at Sachin’s Cabin in Hero’s Lane.

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  1. Visit Hero’s Lane
    Starts in Rengot Village
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    Ends in Teress Plain
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  2. Find Lunatic Sorcerer Ur
    Starts in Hero’s Lane
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arrow r Category Hero’s Lane
arrow r Quest Level 15



  • Money: 13s 65c
  • Experience: 3000

One thought on “Gift from a Niece

  1. Im Stuck And im not getting any new quests just replays And Party Quests Ive done all quests in Rengan and i cnat get Gift From a Niece. Help plz

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