[Repeat] [Party] Kill Chimera!

arrow Description

Hayden says the Chimera is resilient and has resurrected to attack the Grand Wall again.
You must eliminate the Chimera before it topples the Wall.
Change the Lens on the Broken Telescope to look for the Chimera. Eliminate it as soon as you find it.
** !! Warning !! ** After you use the Lens, you can’t use it again until the cooldown has expired.
(The Chimera is an Epic Monster and a party of 2 or more is recommended)

arrow Objectives:

  1. Travel to the Instance
  2. Kill the Chimera (Destroy 1x Chimera)
arrow r Category Grand Wall of Silence
arrow r Quest Level 33
arrow r Quest Type Repeat

Finished quest: [Party] Noise in the Sky



  • Money: 4s 23c