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IconItem NameLevelSlotType
Trimmed Wood   
Unattended Supplies   
Unsent Letter   
Uruk Hide   
Useful Log   
V-Killer Insecticide   
Vesphio Dagger   
Vesphio Greatsword   
Vesphio Trophy   
Warm Food   
Watchman's Herb   
Water Sampler   
Water Spirit Armor   
Waterworks Bureau Token   
Western Watch Tower Report   
What the Ogres Want   
What the Trolls Want   
White Bristol Fairy   
White Paint   
Wild Beast Hide   
Wild Red Blood   
Witch's Portrait   
Wolf Leader's Bracelet   
Wolf's Fang   
Yellow Paint   
Yillis Flower Bouquet   
Yillis' Harp   
Yillis' Scepter   
Yillis' Tears   
Zerdi's Torch   
Zerdi's Torch