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The Defender style is a well rounded style that utilises a single-handed weapon and a powerful defensive shield.
Defenders can use the Counterattack focus to block an enemy's attack while dealing severe damage at the same time. They have a good arsenal of skills to ensure survival during tough battles.

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94 thoughts on “Skill Calculator

  1. There is Build Cleric Full Suporte Party/Group.


    Pos :
    -Best Skill Healing
    -Best Power Healing
    -Best Buffs
    -2 Skill Scape to Die/Immobilization “Miraculous Recovery” and “Whirlpool of Light”.
    -Good HP/MP Using Robe/Chain
    -Use Staff / Mace H1/Shield
    -Especifict Inteligence.

    -Hard Lelving Solo
    -No Have Strong Damage
    -No Best PVP.

  2. I think there are some skills that were modified, update talent tree calculator plz ^^

  3. can someone check this out for me really quick… the extra 7 points i wanted to do 3 into strike ruin and get the sorcerer skills for a little range or maybe go for cleric what u think

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