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The Defender style is a well rounded style that utilises a single-handed weapon and a powerful defensive shield.
Defenders can use the Counterattack focus to block an enemy's attack while dealing severe damage at the same time. They have a good arsenal of skills to ensure survival during tough battles.

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94 thoughts on “Skill Calculator

  1. Is it just me or for RaiderZ talent spec of Bezerker, you cannot get torronado lvl 3? (it requires 40 points spent) to unlock and spend a point 1 point to get to lvl 3.
    The thing is, you only have 40 points to spend.

    • Nope, you can only allocate 35 points at the moment. Also rank is level and point locked. If it doesn’t meet level and the amount points required, you can’t upgrade it.

    • The level cap might increase by the time in Raiderz, as they created skills up to lvl 45 as for exampel Berzerkers “Vanquish” skill.

      • The level cap will increase over time, the database contains korean items that require level 50.

  2. spent all that time making dumb bs for that stupid itemmail sht, lets see how long it will take them to get a real lvl cap!

  3. Perfect Build [PVP]—-[PVE] BERSERK BUILD =D!


    Leon=29~35 Have fun, I’m not shitting me with anyone, this is one of the best build for PVP.

  4. Defender’s Impact Recovery 1 = 25 points
    Defender’s Impact Recovery 2 = 30 points
    Defender’s Impact Recovery 3 = 25 points

    Was this a mistake or is it actually weird like that? o.0

  5. I really want some advice on my current cleric build i have planned. http://raiderz.mmorpg-life.com/talent-calculator/?ver=ob&var=3505352335623221326234113353305131333113331234333302320534533161
    plz respond asap >.<
    tyvm in advance.
    Btw its for pure pve, i plan on mobbing a bit like while leveling and stuff, and being a respectable healer during boss fights. Not really planning on getting into the fray and i've seen healing circle in action and am not a huge fan which is why this is lacking it

  6. i need a suggestion to rebuild a semi battle/support cleric.. please lend a hand.. appreciated.. because currently i’m having a difficulty to done individual quest (boss).. =(

  7. @FoJo — takes the 2nd points out of both blessing of endurance and blessing of concentration and max out divine punishment.

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