[Admission] [Party] Resilient Plants

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Sake figured that something was up in the Contaminated Garden, which started shaking again, and took a look inside. Apparently, contaminated plants have started going berserk again. The Master of the Garden, who went berserk after absorbing powerful Arkena energy, might not have stayed dead.
The Master of the Garden must be eliminated to prevent the Contaminated Garden, and the entire region, from getting destroyed by contaminated plants. Eliminate the Master of the Garden.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Kill Master of the Garden (Destroy 1x Master of the Garden)
    Starts in Hero’s Lane
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arrow r Category Epic Contaminated Garden
arrow r Quest Level 35
arrow r Quest Type Repeat

Minimum level: 29



  • Money: 8s 60c
  • Experience: 1230