[Admission] [Party] Where is the Jar of Life?

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Wings of Renas member Rina sensed an ominous energy in the Catacomb while Felicia, a member of the same faction, dreamt that Basteroe resurrected Manelloth using the Broken Jar of Life.
After Felicia’s foreboding dream, the Catacomb became full of an evil energy once again. Go into the Catacomb, find the Broken Jar of Life, and take it to Rina.
Manelloth is assumed to have the Broken Jar of Life.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Broken Jar of Life (Collect 1x Broken Jar of Life)
    Starts in Hero’s Lane
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arrow r Category Epic Catacomb of the Damned
arrow r Quest Level 33
arrow r Quest Type Repeat

Finished quest: [Admission] [Party] Cieder’s Arrow
Minimum level: 29



  • Money: 24s