An Extraordinary Resurrection

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The Broken Jar of Life showed Felicia that Manelloth’s spirit had not been resurrected with his body. Tal Zial, a powerful devil, has possessed Manelloth’s body in an effort to cross over to this world.
Tal Zial must be stopped right now before he gains full control over Manelloth’s body.
Find and eliminate Manelloth deep inside the Catacomb.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Eliminate Manelloth (Destroy 1x Manelloth)
    Starts in Hero’s Lane
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arrow r Category Epic Catacomb of the Damned
arrow r Quest Level 33
arrow r Quest Type Main

Finished quest: [Admission] [Party] Cieder’s Arrow
Minimum level: 29



  • Money: 23c
  • Wings of Renas faction reputation: 500