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Manelloth has been resurrected once again along with Riviute and Basteroe. They must not be allowed to taint this world.
Their power is stored in objects they used when they were alive – symbols of loyalty and of faith. Riviute‘s power is in the sword that broke when he lost the loyalty of his men and Basteroe‘s power is in the bell that broke when his faith was corrupted. Defeat them and take the Broken Sword of the Traitor and Basteroe’s Broken Bell to Felicia.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Broken Sword of the Traitor (Collect 1x Broken Sword of the Traitor)
    Starts in Hero’s Lane
    zone map
    quest icon
  2. Basteroe’s Broken Bell (Collect 1x Basteroe’s Broken Bell)
    Starts in Hero’s Lane
    zone map
    quest icon
arrow r Category Epic Catacomb of the Damned
arrow r Quest Level 24
arrow r Quest Type Supplement



  • Money: 33c
  • Wings of Renas faction reputation: 300

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