Blood of the Frostywinds

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The Troll Assault Captain thirsts for the blood of the Frostywind Tribe. He wants you to eliminate Ogre Warriors.
Eliminate an Ogre Warrior near the Mt. Eda Shrine.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Kill an Ogre Warrior (Destroy 1x Ogre Warrior, Tribe Guardian, White Yeti Tribe Guardian)
    Starts in Mt. Eda
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arrow r Category Daily Quest
arrow r Quest Level 34
arrow r Quest Type Daily

Minimum level: 34
Minimum standing with faction Mad Red Eye Tribe: 48000



  • Money: 86s 18c
  • Experience: 5000
  • Mad Red Eye Tribe faction reputation: 100
  • Frostywind Yeti Tribe faction reputation: -100