Eliminate Harpy Ayelo

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The Mad Red Eye Tribe Sorcerer says Harpy Ayelo has been seen near the Mt. Eda shrine during the assault on the Frostywind Priest. She causes nothing but chaos during the assault.
Eliminate Harpy Ayelo so that the flow of battle can be maintained.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Kill Harpy Ayelo (Destroy 1x Harpy Ayelo)
    Starts in Mt. Eda
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arrow r Category Daily Quest
arrow r Quest Level 34
arrow r Quest Type Daily

Minimum level: 34
Minimum standing with faction Mad Red Eye Tribe: 48000



  • Money: 1g 43s 65c
  • Experience: 5000
  • Mad Red Eye Tribe faction reputation: 600
  • Frostywind Yeti Tribe faction reputation: -600