End of a Threat

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Out of nowhere, remnants of the Vesphio have stormed the Broadtail Farm Warehouse and all but taken over.
Enter the warehouse and defeat 9 Vesphio Remnants and their commander, Vengeful Lakuri. Then bring Vengeful Lakuri’s Dagger to Samson as proof.

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  1. Eliminate Vesphio Remnants (Destroy 9x Vesphio Remnants, Vesphio Remnants)
    Starts in Teress Plain
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  2. Acquire Lakuri’s Dagger (Collect 1x Lakuri’s Dagger)
    Starts in Teress Plain
    zone map
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arrow r Category Teress Plain
arrow r Quest Level 11
arrow r Quest Type Supplement

Finished quest: Last Stand



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