Extraction Ceremony

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Sealed in the dagger is the soul of Aigent Trier, the captain of the order of knights that once battled the powerful lich known as Manelloth. In order to undo the seal, two different ceremonies need to be performed.
For the first ceremony, you need to obtain six Ghostly Bridles from the Lost Ghost Stallions near the entrance to the Catacomb of the Damned, and six Soul Jewels from the Ghost Servants in the Cemetery.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Acquire Ghostly Bridles (Collect 6x Ghostly Bridle)
    Starts in Hero’s Lane
    zone map
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  2. Acquire Soul Jewels (Collect 6x Soul Jewel)
    Starts in Hero’s Lane
    zone map
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arrow r Category Hero’s Lane
arrow r Quest Level 16



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