Gathering Wild Flowers

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Jessie is worried about her friend Lencia, who runs a flower shop in Hero’s Lane. She wants to send her some flowers from Teress Plain, but is unable to gather them herself.
Collect 6 Blue Lisianthuses and 6 White Bristol Fairies and take them to Jessie. These flowers can be found by examining the wild flowers nearby.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Gather Blue Lisianthuses (Collect 6x Blue Lisianthus)
    Starts in Teress Plain
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  2. Gather White Bristol Fairies (Collect 6x White Bristol Fairy)
    Starts in Teress Plain
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arrow r Category Teress Plain
arrow r Quest Level 10
arrow r Quest Type Supplement

Finished quest: Request of the Heartbroken



  • Money: 13s 32c
  • Experience: 3300