Latest Fashion Trend

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Adre Kin is a trendy fashion designer. Feather decorations are a key element of his designs, but he doesn’t have enough. He requests that you get him some feathers from the Deep Ravine Harpies at the Grand Wall of Silence.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Go to the Grand Wall of Silence
    Starts in Rietz
    zone map
    quest icon
    Ends in Riode
    zone map
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  2. Collect Colorful Feathers (Collect 8x Colorful Feather)
    Starts in Rietz
    zone map
    quest icon
arrow r Category Daily Quest
arrow r Quest Level 30
arrow r Quest Type Daily

Minimum level: 30



  • Money: 49s 95c
  • Experience: 4000

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