Makot Liberation War

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Urekus says that even with Kaizer’s Claw, you can’t defeat Ruwanki on your own. He is protected by Kaizer’s Scales. The Grand Chief’s Ceremony must be completed to transfer Kaizer’s Scales to Urekus.
Hold back Ruwanki while Urekus performs the Grand Chief’s Ceremony. Kaizer’s Scales will be weakened while the ceremony is taking place. Once Ruwanki‘s protective barrier falls, defeat him.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Eliminate Ruwanki (Destroy 1x Grand Chief Ruwanki)
    Starts in Makot Village
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    Ends in Makot Village
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arrow r Category Makot Village
arrow r Quest Level 26



  • Money: 59s 81c
  • Experience: 10000