[Party] Mission Impossible

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You have learned of a way to destroy Shunack’s contaminated corpse, but Grand Chief Ruwanki mounted an ambush and took the magic pendant. Lead Investigator Hitch says that Darkbinder Crassus must be defeated to acquire Kaizer’s Claw, the last of Kaizer’s legacies.
Darkbinder Crassus’s lair is somewhere in the depths of the lower level of Makot Village.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Eliminate Crassus (Destroy 1x Darkbinder Crassus)
    Starts in Makot Village
    zone map
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  2. Acquire Kaizer’s Claw (Collect 1x Kaizer’s Claw)
    Starts in Makot Village
    zone map
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arrow r Category Makot Village
arrow r Quest Level 26



  • Money: 1g 7s 66c
  • Experience: 18000
  • Items:

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