[Party] Wrong Faith

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The false Gadiel teachings have created many depraved beings who are committing unspeakable atrocities. Among them are Gadiel Adjudicator Muetel and Gadiel Prison Keeper Sangdi.
Eliminate Adjudicator Muetel and Gadiel Prison Keeper Sangdi to stop the suffering of the innocent and cleanse Saint Fhannel Monastery.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Kill Gadiel Adjudicator Muetel (Destroy 1x Gadiel Adjudicator Muetel)
  2. Kill Gadiel Prison Keeper Sangdi (Destroy 1x Gadiel Prison Keeper Sangdi)
arrow r Category Epic Saint Fhannel Monastery
arrow r Quest Level 35
arrow r Quest Type Supplement

Minimum level: 35



  • Money: 8s 60c
  • Experience: 1230