Slowing the Advance

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Surveyor Mikoyan says more time is needed to figure out what the Rengot Tribe is up to, and eliminating some of their support troops might delay the enemy invasion.
Head northwest from the Teleport Stone Dig Site to the Goblin Territory, and eliminate 10 Rengot Tribe Healers and 10 Rengot Tribe Engineers.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Eliminate Rengot Tribe Healers (Destroy 10x Rengot Tribe Healer)
    Starts in Teress Plain
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  2. Eliminate Rengot Tribe Engineers (Destroy 10x Rengot Tribe Engineer)
    Starts in Teress Plain
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arrow r Category Teress Plain
arrow r Quest Level 9
arrow r Quest Type Supplement

Finished quest: Premonition