The Forsaken Ones

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Scout Humphrey says that you will need to create a distraction so that Monk Jina can sneak into the monastery.
Eliminate the Forsaken Believers and Forsaken Priests, and the Gadiels will undoubtedly go to investigate.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Kill the Forsaken Believers (Destroy 6x Forsaken Believer, Forsaken Believer)
    Starts in Riode
    zone map
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  2. Kill the Forsaken Priests (Destroy 6x Forsaken Priest, Forsaken Priest)
    Starts in Riode
    zone map
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arrow r Category Riode
arrow r Quest Level 27
arrow r Quest Type Main

Finished quest: The Truth Must Be Revealed



  • Money: 54s 97c
  • Experience: 8500