The Power’s True Nature

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Kakayaki used a magic pendant to remove the protective spell on a portion of the Koboldran, and asked you to take the pendant and the Incomplete Koboldran to Urekus on the lower levels of Makot Village. However, you still can’t read the engraving on the Koboldran. Maybe Sorcerer Guillermo can help you.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Take the Magic Pendant to Sorcerer Guillermo
    Starts in Makot Village
    zone map
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  2. Find Urekus
    Starts in Makot Village
    zone map
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arrow r Category Makot Village
arrow r Quest Level 25



  • Money: 46s 80c
  • Experience: 8000
  • Makot Clan faction reputation: 1000
  • Mad Heart Clan faction reputation: -1000

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