To The East…

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I have no idea what our king has in mind. How could he recklessly send the army without knowing how dangerous it could be…? While you were in Rietz, the royal knights and the alchemists have marched to the eastern wall. They said that they will stop the contamination before it spreads any further. They don’t know yet how dreadful the contamination is. It might be too late now, but please go there as soon as possible and stop the evil deeds of the Chosen. When you go to Cowen Marshes, meet Knight Senes. Senes is one of the very few Royal knights with a rational mind.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Find Senes at Eastern Wall
arrow r Category Beyond the Grand Wall
arrow r Quest Level 34
arrow r Quest Type Main

Finished quest: Marching Army



  • Money: 76c
  • Experience: 330