Underground Laboratory

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Capital Guard Captain Kroke says that the people guarding the secret laboratory of the Chosen Ones are none other than the missing Royal Alchemists. He thinks they might have been brainwashed.
Still, the Royal Alchemists have requested that the Capital Guards eliminate the lost Royal Alchemists to prevent further casualties. Kill the Brainwashed Royal Alchemists at the secret laboratory.

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  1. Eliminate Brainwashed Royal Alchemists (Destroy 5x Brainwashed Royal Alchemist, Brainwashed Royal Alchemist)
    Starts in Rits Underground Waterway
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arrow r Category Rietz Sewer
arrow r Quest Level 25
arrow r Quest Type Main

Finished quest: Breaking the Code



  • Money: 78s 39c
  • Experience: 11500