Weapon of the Legends

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Blacksmith Loco is highly discouraged because there is no weapon that can defeat the Crawler. Archaeologist Kargas said that since the ancient people sealed the Crawler away once before, they must have left a way to destroy if it should ever escape. You should go to the Aborus Ruins as Archaeologist Kargas suggested.
Blacksmith Loco recommends that you borrow a Moa from Farm Owner Eshurika and ride it to the Aborus Ruins.
(Using the Dash skill while riding a Moa will allow you to move faster.)

arrow Objectives:

  1. Ride a Moa
    Starts in Broken Mast
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  2. Find the Aborus Ruins
    Starts in Broken Mast
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arrow r Category Broken Mast
arrow r Quest Level 4



  • Money: 2s 57c
  • Experience: 1000