Type: monster
Level: 35
HP: 224000
Armor: 12600
Magic Armor: 12600
Damage: 2100-2600
MagicDamage: 2100-2600

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Sub Zone: Bolas’ Assault

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Level: -

One thought on “Bolas

  1. This mob has been spawned once in Ingen by GM’s messing around,

    Attacks: Bolas seems more powerful than the Chimera, he spawns a couple of (What looked like) sandstorms and seems to be mainly in mid-air.

    Looks: It’s a brown dragon(Looks like he lived beneath the crust of the earth), a tad smaller than Chimera.

    This is all the info I was able to obtain from the fight we had with him in Ingen, hope this helps anyone, Matthieu

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