Ancient Relics

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The Koboldran contains instructions on awakening Kaizer the Terrible, but Grand Chief Ruwanki is the only one who knows the Mad Heart Clan’s true intentions.
The remaining Koboldran fragments must be found in order to prevent disaster. Search for the Fifth Koboldran Piece in Makot Village.

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  1. Find the Fifth Koboldran Piece
    Starts in Makot Village
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arrow r Quest Level 25



  • Money: 46s 80c
  • Experience: 8000

4 thoughts on “Ancient Relics

  1. I spended a lot of time, wondering if the quest was bugged, then, i hitted with normal hit ( weapon ) and then a buff appeared, you need hit on the dragon some times till plate appears, just lucky i think…but you can continue the quest

  2. i been trying to do ancient relics im stuck dont know that to do the quest doesn’t give u a lot of details try what melbur said and the dragon keeps burning what do i have to do to finish this quest anybody

  3. 1st finish quest ” What Next ” (Attack Shunack’s wings) to unlock the “Ancient Relic”

  4. 1st get Quest Ancient Magic from Sorcerer Guillermo, Find Lead Investigator Hitch get also the Quest and it will lead this quest to Dr. Heronne good day!

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