Breath of the Goddess

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In order to put out the fire that engulfs the Ancient Chest, you need the Cold Air Wand. One of the items needed to craft the wand is the Breath of the Goddess. Find it and take it to the Hermit. The Breath of the Goddess can be found inside a chest somewhere in Mt. Eda’s War Zone.

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  1. Acquire the Breath of the Goddess (Collect 1x Breath of the Goddess)
    Starts in Mt. Eda
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arrow r Quest Level 23



3 thoughts on “Breath of the Goddess

  1. Hi, I have some trouble to complete this quest. It is necessary to have completed the ‘Explorer’s Guide: Begginers 2’ first. Then, you will be able to open chests, dig flowers and this kind of stuff at Mt. Eda, then you look for a treasure chest close the marked point on the map, and the Breath of the Goddess will be there.
    Actually, i acquired the Breath of the Goddess a little far from the map marked point, inside another treasure chest, on a closed way with a kind of boss of Harpies. But I think it works for each treasure chest at the region.
    Hope it helps.

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