Devourer of Rocks

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Archaeologist Kargas says that a monster known as Giant Frog Eluga is eating all of the valuable stone artifacts in the Sakrum Ruins.
Eliminate Giant Frog Eluga, then report to Adjunct Montreal at Morten Gear.

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  1. Eliminate Giant Frog Eluga (Destroy 1x Eluga)
    Starts in Broken Mast
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    Ends in Broken Mast
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arrow r Category Broken Mast
arrow r Quest Level 3
arrow r Quest Type Supplement



1 thought on “Devourer of Rocks

  1. I can’t seem to find where to turn in this quest. There is no marker on my map and I can’t find this guy anywhere in Broken Mast. Anyone know where he is / what to do?

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