[Party] Noise in the Sky

arrow Description

Now that you have proven yourself, Hayden wants you to travel to the eastern region as an official member of the investigation team.
But you have one last task. Hayden wants you to investigate a strange noise coming from the sky above the Wall. Find out what’s making the noise and eliminate the cause if you have to.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Eliminate the Cause of the Strange Noise (Destroy 1x Chimera)
arrow r Category Grand Wall of Silence
arrow r Quest Level 33
arrow r Quest Type Main

Finished quest: Difficult Mission



5 thoughts on “[Party] Noise in the Sky

  1. my quest like this was completed without killing the chimera.
    now im having a problem coz cant go in cowen marsh

  2. Your level is too low to activate the Chimera Quest. You have to be lvl 35 or higher for the Chimera to appear ^.^

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