The Beauty’s Portrait

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Investigator Rehiter says he saw a beautiful woman enter the monastery, and thinks it may have been Witch Marini. Rehiter drew a portrait of her for his report, but it was stolen before he could send it out.
Eliminate the Forsaken Believers and Forsaken Priests until you find the Beauty’s Portrait, then take it to Commander Theodor at the Government Forces Headquarters.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Acquire the Beauty’s Portrait (Collect 1x Beauty’s Portrait)
    Starts in Riode
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arrow r Category Riode
arrow r Quest Level 28
arrow r Quest Type Supplement

Finished quest: The Truth Must Be Revealed
Minimum level: 28



  • Money: 54s 97c
  • Experience: 8500

One thought on “The Beauty’s Portrait

  1. IF you finish this quest, and you think you are done, and drop item, it will say that quest isn’t complete, where as really you have already done it. So for now don’t drop it.

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