Timber for Repairs

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Blacksmith Loco is busy repairing the damage Moken’s pirates caused to Morten Gear. He is worried about his colleagues, who have not returned after going into the Eastern Forest to collect lumber needed for the repairs.
Search the Eastern Forest to find out why the workers have not returned. While you’re there, collect any lumber you find.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Collect Trimmed Wood (Collect 7x Trimmed Wood)
    Starts in Broken Mast
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arrow r Category Broken Mast
arrow r Quest Level 4
arrow r Quest Type Supplement



  • Money: 2s 57c
  • Experience: 1000

1 thought on “Timber for Repairs

  1. i’ve been there
    looked up and down the whole area
    could not find one piece of wood except for the elm dropped by the tree spirits
    i’m level 8 and i can’t find sea trolls either, looked up and down all the beaches

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