Weapon of Light

Additional Information: You need to collect several items that drop from mobs in the surrounding area to be able to create one of the Kuotes Weapons. You need (click on each item to see who drops them):

The hardest item to get is Kuotes’ Stone Fragment because it only drops from Thorn Hodgers. These pigs can be found just north of Morten Gear (as seen on the screenshots bellow).

Thorn Hodger Location map

Map of Thorn Hodger general location

arrow Description

Blacksmith Loco needs materials before he can make a Kuotes weapon for you. Speak to the blacksmith and receive the recipe for the weapon you want him to craft.
You will then need to collect the materials specified in the recipe and bring them back to Blacksmith Loco to craft the weapon.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Receive a Kuotes Weapon Recipe
    Starts in Broken Mast
    zone map
    quest icon
  2. Create a Kuotes weapon
    Starts in Broken Mast
    zone map
    quest icon
arrow r Category Broken Mast
arrow r Quest Level 5



  • Money: 8s 47c
  • Experience: 3000

9 thoughts on “Weapon of Light

  1. I did craft 3 weapons, a shield, a sword and a mace but it still isn’t complete… It sais that i have to recieve a kuotes weapon recipe but i dont get it where that i can get it from, can you help me?

  2. First you must press the recieve recipe button and buy the recipe then you build the item and the quest will complete.

  3. Double left click the weapon you want to make instead of clicking craft item. I think that’s what fixed it for me

  4. I played it in party killed the black shadow monster but didn’t receive any Kuotes’ Stone Fragment any idea ? I can’t pass to following quests as well

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