What’s Needed Now?

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Randy’s family hasn’t been able to sleep at night because of all the mosquitoes. He wants you to collect 5 Moss Spider Poison Glands so he can make a mosquito repellent. Head north of Randy’s carriage and collect the poison glands from the Moss Spiders there.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Collect Moss Spider Poison Glands (Collect 4x Moss Spider Poison Gland)
    Starts in Teress Plain
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arrow r Category Teress Plain
arrow r Quest Level 8
arrow r Quest Type Main

Finished quest: Quick Cash
Minimum level: 7



1 thought on “What’s Needed Now?

  1. i already finish the quest lvl 8 but i cant click ”complete” when i go talk to the npc named chris and randy..i can’t collect my reward and exp points..what should i do?

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