Wind from Mt. Eda

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Adjunct Theo’s best guess is that the Kobold Gatherers came to collect Red Gypsophila because they were asked to do so by the Ogres and Trolls from Mt. Eda.
Captain Reon worries about Rietz because the Grand Wall of Silence is under siege. If there is unrest on Mt. Eda as well, Rietz will no longer be safe.
Travel to Rietz and ask Teleporter Kate to send you to Epic Mt. Eda. Once you are there, speak to the Mercenary Recruiter.

arrow Objectives:

  1. Travel to Rietz
  2. Meet with the Mercenary Recruiter
    Starts in Rietz
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    Ends in Mt. Eda
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arrow r Category Grand Wall of Silence
arrow r Quest Level 34
arrow r Quest Type Supplement

Minimum level: 34



  • Money: 23c

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