Raiderz Features Presentation

Raiderz is a new Free to Play MMORPG that is about to go into Open Beta stage in Europe and the West. We sat down with people from Gameforge (publisher of the game for Europe) during GamesCom 2012 gaming convention and went over everything the game has for perspective players. I had this game on my radar for a while now because the game features these big monsters scattered around the world that you can engage and get some pretty nice loot. It is a highly polished Korean MMO and I had fun playing it in the closed beta. We had enough fun to create this website for all the future RaiderZ players. Watch the full video for description of each of the game’s features accompanied with gameplay footage.   


Recap of the video:
  • Game’s background story detailed
  • Gamescom Raiderz game trailer
  • Character creation and customization (cool tattoo system)
  • Raiderz fighting styles (character classes that you can mix and match)
  • Combat is skill based (dodge, aim and positioning play a huge role)
  • Crafting is done by NPCs and you bring them the mats
  • Musical instruments that you can play
  • Feasting system – you can create food that will buff the party
  • Mounts that allow fighting at later levels
  • Transformation system – You can transform into some of the creatures found in the world (including getting their skills and transforming into bosses)
  • Mount Eda – open PvP, two faction, area with bosses and quest chains