Quest NameLevelCategoryType
Aigent Trier's Halidom19Hero's Lane 
Not Ready to Go Yet19Hero's Lane 
Save the Boss19Hero's Lane 
[Admission] [Party] Cieder's Arrow19Catacomb of the DamnedMain
[Party] Manelloth... Manelloth19Catacomb of the Damned 
[Party] One and Only Chance19Catacomb of the DamnedMain
Blistering Cold20Mt. Eda 
Burn the Trolls20Hero's Lane 
Complete Account of the Event20Hero's Lane 
Conspirators20Hero's Lane 
Darkmist Forest20Hero's Lane 
Every Last One of Them20Mt. Eda 
Explorer's Guide: Beginners 220GatheringSupplement
For a Safe Pilgrimage20Mt. EdaRepeat
Mouths to Feed20Hero's LaneRepeat
Protect the Pilgrims20Mt. Eda 
Rescue Mission20Mt. Eda 
Timber!20Hero's LaneRepeat
Time for Something Special20Hero's Lane 
Time for Tree Chopping20Hero's Lane 
Warm and Cozy20Mt. EdaRepeat
[Repeat] Burn the Trolls20Hero's LaneRepeat
A Lost Son21Mt. Eda 
Creature of the Sky21Mt. EdaRepeat
Hunting Ban21Mt. EdaRepeat
Hunting the Hunter21Mt. Eda 
I Need Blood21Mt. Eda 
Raptor Extermination21Mt. EdaRepeat
Road to the Summit21Mt. Eda 
Snowy Shadow21Mt. Eda 
The Great Egg Hunt21Mt. Eda 
To Kill a Yeti21Mt. Eda 
[Party] Ghost Wolf Shadiz21Mt. Eda 
Death to the Ogres!22Mad Eye TribeRepeat
Death to the Trolls!22Mt. EdaRepeat
Frozen Water Bottles22Mt. Eda 
Herb Search22Mt. Eda 
It's Who You Know22Mt. Eda 
Mercenary of the Ogres22Mt. EdaRepeat
Mercenary of the Trolls22Mad Eye TribeRepeat
Money Over Friends22Mad Eye TribeRepeat
Money Over Friends22Mt. EdaRepeat
Ogre's Interest22Mt. Eda 
Plant from the Past22Mt. Eda 
Supply Request22Mt. Eda 
Troll's Interest22Mt. Eda 
Ancient Flame23Mt. Eda 
Archaeologist's Student23Mad Eye Tribe 
Archaeologist's Student23Mt. Eda 
Breath of the Goddess23Mt. Eda