Quest NameLevelCategoryType
The Missing8Teress PlainMain
What's Needed Now?8Teress PlainMain
[Party] Alpha Wolf8Teress PlainSupplement
[Repeat] [Party] Fleetfoot Hunt8Teress PlainRepeat
Attacked Carriage9Teress PlainSupplement
Investigating the Excavation Site9Teress PlainMain
Mysterious Message9Teress PlainMain
Premonition9Teress PlainSupplement
Protect the Excavation Site9Teress PlainSupplement
Sabotage9Teress PlainMain
Slowing the Advance9Teress PlainSupplement
Stubborn as a Mule9Teress PlainMain
Another Job10Teress PlainMain
Convenient Transport Magic10Teress PlainSupplement
Explorer's Guide: Beginners 110GatheringSupplement
Flow of Energy10Teress Plain 
Gathering Wild Flowers10Teress PlainSupplement
Invader's Demise10Teress PlainMain
Jales' Whereabouts10Teress PlainMain
Raise Your Weapon!10Teress PlainMain
Request of the Heartbroken10Teress PlainMain
Retrieving Food10Teress PlainSupplement
Return Magic10Teress PlainSupplement
Vesphio Reward10Teress PlainMain
[Repeat] Food for Good Health10CookingSupplement
End of a Threat11Teress PlainSupplement
Smoke in the Air11Teress PlainMain
The Giving Tree11Teress PlainMain
The Lumberjack and the Tree Spirits11Teress PlainSupplement
[Party] Raid Black Rock Cave11Teress PlainMain
A Woman Who Lost Her Love12Teress PlainMain
Assassinate the Marching General12Rengot Village 
Be Sure to Check the Bulletin Board12Teress PlainMain
Combat Support12Rengot Village 
Costly Substitute12Rengot Village 
Last Stand12Teress PlainSupplement
Mercenary Recruitment12Rengot VillageMain
Specimen Analysis12Teress PlainMain
Supplies for the Soldiers12Rengot Village 
Surprise Attack on the Goblins12Rengot Village 
[Party] Queen of the Forest12Teress PlainSupplement
A Helping Hand13Rengot Village 
Assist Knight Bastille13Rengot Village 
Attack on the Quartermaster Corps13Rengot Village 
Bomb Retrieval13Rengot Village 
Extermination13Rengot Village 
Interrupted Supply13Rengot Village 
Lightning G Operation13Rengot Village 
Words of Encouragement13Rengot Village 
Beta Tester14Rengot Village