Quest NameLevelCategoryType
Queen of the Bats25Rietz SewerSupplement
Reclaim the Fragment25Rietz SewerMain
Regaining Their Trust25RietzSupplement
Renas' Revelation25RietzMain
Richest Man in Rietz25RietzSupplement
Rietz Exposed to the Contamination25Rietz SewerSupplement
S.O.S.25Rietz SewerMain
Seeker of Pieces25Makot Village 
Shadow in the Dark25Rietz SewerMain
Shelter in Danger25Rietz SewerMain
Slime Monsters25Rietz SewerSupplement
Supply Shortage25Rietz SewerSupplement
Suspicious Movements25RietzSupplement
Suspicious Traces25Rietz SewerMain
Suspicious Trade25RietzSupplement
Tell Everyone the Truth25Rietz SewerMain
The Escaped Informant25Rietz SewerMain
The Infected25Rietz SewerSupplement
The Lost Gauge25Rietz SewerSupplement
The Power's True Nature25Makot Village 
The Sewer on Lockdown25RietzMain
The Truth Is...25Rietz SewerMain
The Truth of the Fragment25Rietz SewerMain
The Truth of the Locket25Rietz SewerMain
The Vesphio Gang's Demise25Rietz SewerMain
The Vesphio Safe25Rietz SewerMain
The Vesphio Scheme25Rietz SewerSupplement
To the Grand Wall of Silence25Grand Wall of SilenceMain
Traitor Marions25Rietz SewerSupplement
Underground Laboratory25Rietz SewerMain
Underground Monster: Giant Marion25Rietz SewerSupplement
Vanished Fragment25Rietz SewerMain
Vesphios in the Sewer25Rietz SewerMain
Water Quality Inspection25Rietz SewerSupplement
What Next?25Makot Village 
Where Are the Missing?25Rietz SewerSupplement
Where's the Fragment?25RietzMain
Why Don't You Just Buy a Cat?25Daily QuestDaily
Yet Another Sign25Rietz SewerSupplement
[Party] Persisting Danger: Fungus25Rietz SewerRepeat
[Party] Persisting Danger: Poluto25Rietz SewerRepeat
[Party] The Bard's Arrogance25MusicianSupplement
[Party] Underground Monster: Fungus25Rietz SewerSupplement
[Party] Underground Monster: Poluto25Rietz SewerSupplement
[Party] Underground Monster: Tyrant Zombie25Rietz SewerSupplement
Flame of Magic26Makot Village 
Is This the Final Piece?26Makot Village 
Makot Liberation War26Makot Village 
Ruwanki's Remnants26Makot Village 
Set the Dragon Ablaze26Makot Village