Quest NameLevelCategoryType
Message from the Ancients23Mad Eye Tribe 
Message from the Ancients23Mt. Eda 
Putting the Flame to Sleep23Mt. Eda 
Trusted One23Mad Eye Tribe 
Trusted One23Mt. Eda 
[Party] Eliminate Diago23Mt. Eda 
A Piece of Magic24Makot Village 
Back to Sleep in Death24Epic Catacomb of the DamnedSupplement
D-D-D-D-Dragon!24Makot Village 
Dangerous Kobolds24Makot VillageSupplement
It's All Mine24Makot Village 
Journal of a Dragon Slayer24Makot Village 
Kaizer the Terrible24Makot Village 
Magic Isn't the Problem24Makot Village 
More Kobold Guns24Makot VillageRepeat
More Mad Heart Totems24Makot VillageRepeat
Musty and Dull24Makot Village 
Source of Power24Epic Catacomb of the DamnedSupplement
That Which Is Hidden24Makot Village 
Traces of Magic24Makot Village 
Traces of the Investigation Team24Makot Village 
All That Glitters25Makot Village 
Ancient Magic25Makot Village 
Ancient Relics25Makot Village 
Bat Hunt25Rietz SewerSupplement
Brainwashed Soldiers25Rietz SewerSupplement
Breaking the Code25Rietz SewerMain
Capital Security25RietzSupplement
Cause of the Contamination25Makot Village 
Changed Marions25Rietz SewerSupplement
Cleansing Fire25Rietz SewerSupplement
Collecting Specimens25Makot Village 
Conspiracy in the Sewer25Rietz SewerMain
Contaminated Spiders25Rietz SewerSupplement
Coward Julijuli25Rietz SewerMain
Cutting Off Funds25RietzSupplement
Dangerous Arachnids25Rietz SewerSupplement
Divided Forces25Rietz SewerSupplement
Earth's Gift25CookingSupplement
False Facade25Rietz SewerMain
Find My Treasure25Rietz SewerMain
His Thoughtless Son25RietzSupplement
Incantation Totems25Makot Village 
Interrupting Their Research25Rietz SewerSupplement
Keep the Fire Going25Makot VillageRepeat
Kill the Mushrooms25Rietz SewerSupplement
Koboldran Piece25Makot Village 
Koboldran Piece25Makot Village 
Left Behind25Makot Village 
Problem in the Sewer25Rietz SewerMain